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PIR is the Sole Applicant for .NGO/.ONG!nextsteps

On 13 June, ICANN revealed that PIR is the only applicant for .NGO/.ONG, reaffirming our long-standing and unique commitment to serving the NGO Community. While we celebrated this news, we are keenly aware that the evaluation process does not end here and that PIR will need to meet several benchmarks over the next few months in order to be officially approved as the .NGO/.ONG manager. We also know that ICANN has over 2,000 applications outside of our own to evaluate – with domains as varied as .APP and .LOL to be considered – which could take up to a year before .NGO/.ONG is formally approved.

Therefore, as we wait for ICANN to approve our application, PIR will focus our efforts on these key activities:

Community Outreach & Engagement

PIR has planned website building seminars throughout the world for the remainder of 2012. For example, the eNGO, a seminar series and a joint effort between Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) and PIR– aimed to elevate the technological skills and knowledge of grassroots organizations by providing education and a web-enabled platform to create websites that harness the power of the Internet. The eNGO program strives to empower more than 3.3 million NGOs and Self-Help Groups to create a virtual identity and increase their visibility for national and global communication.You will also see more and more ways for NGOs to connect and interact with PIR via online surveys, newsletters, webinars, and live events should you be able to attend any of the global seminars planned for 2012. Later this year, we will form a .NGO Advisory Council. Please watch for future newsletters for more details on the .NGO Advisory Council and how you can get involved.

The Online NGO Directory and verification for .NGO/.ONG

Early this year we began the development of a NGO Directory for use by those registering .NGO and .ONG domain names. Your feedback in 2011 and continued input is providing critical insight and direction for the development effort. Related to the Directory and domain registration, work has begun on a verification system, a key feature that makes both the Directory and domain names exclusive to NGOs. The Directory and verification system are expected to be ready for early review prior to the date .NGO/.ONG registrations and all related services become available for use in 2013.

We will, of course, keep you informed about our efforts along the way and solicit your feedback and advice as we start to build a truly meaningful domain space for the NGO community.

PIR Survey Says Only 20 Percent of You are Accepting Online Donations20percent

In our last newsletetter, we asked the question – “Are you collecting donations online today?” And your responses generated interesting results. Only 20 percent of you responded “yes,” meaning that 80 percent of you do not take or have the capabilities to accept online donations. The primary reason cited was that many NGOs felt they did not have the knowledge or skills to procure online donations.

PIR recognizes that online donations will play an increasingly important part of running an NGO and having the proper skill set to set-up an online donation tool is equally important. Therefore, as part of our commitment to the NGO community, PIR plans to create programs and offer vital resources to ensure that every NGO has the ability and expertise required to build an effective online presence.

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Following the .NGO/.ONG Story

On May 30, PIR publicly announced that we officially applied for .NGO/.ONG. Within minutes of the announcement, the media latched onto our news and posted stories about our pursuit. Below is a sample of our press coverage:

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  • [Chronicle of Philanthropy] New .NGO and .ONG Web Domains Proposed for Nonprofits
  • [iWire].NGO and .ONG TLDs proposed
  • [] Not-for-profit domain operator pushes for .NGO
  • [Huffington Post] Ushering in the Dot-NGO Boom: Protecting the Online Interests of Non-Governmental Organizations
  • [Washington Post] Google, Amazon lead rush for new Web domain suffixes in bids to ICANN

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